NZ Research: CARERS HAVE YOUR SAY - New research aims to explore the difficult world of caregiving

After being hit by a car in 2003, Tracey-Lee Dalton’s world flipped upside down. Formerly she was a caregiver then in an instant became the care recipient. Now she is conducting research at The University of Auckland into caregiving. “The State of Caregiving Survey” allows caregivers’ to present their concerns and challenges.

The New Zealand government is committed to improving the lives of caregivers and in the recent budget announced that 1600 caregivers will receive more money for working as caregivers; however, this is only 0.04 percent of the total number of caregivers in New Zealand.

Less than three percent of caregivers in New Zealand are able to keep their paid jobs. Caregivers suffer financially and experience health issues, especially stress, depression and anxiety. Caregivers play a vital role in helping people with disabilities or illness to remain living at home with full lives. 

If you are an adult informal caregiver (unpaid family or friend) of someone with an illness, or disability, or you have been a caregiver in the past, we want to hear from you.  The University of Auckland with the support of Carers NZ is hoping to recruit up to 2000 caregivers. Findings from this very important study will be used to provide information on what works well to support caregivers, in order to make improvements.

Volunteers in the study will be asked to complete an online survey, which will take approximately 25 minutes to complete.

This study provides the opportunity for change.  The survey is anonymous and can be found at  If you have difficulties in accessing this site please contact Tracey-Lee Dalton via email or mobile 021 116 2950.