ASD in Schools ToolKit

Autism New Zealand is proud to launch its  ASD in Schools ToolKit, a website which helps schools manage inclusion in school programmes for students who may struggle with learning in the school environment. This website is a tool that Autism New Zealand believe can help schools manage learning difficulties and improve the quality of learning through this Inclusion in Schools programme within New Zealand’s classrooms by providing teachers, teacher aides, school board of Trustees and school staff with tools that:

  • Identify a person on the Autism Spectrum
  • Recognise the trigger that can lead to disruptive behaviour and reduce their incidence
  • Improve the communication and learning opportunities available to a child on the Autism Spectrum
  • Integrate the child into the classroom and the school yard setting

For more information and to find out how this works please visit or Freephone 0800 571 000.

Autism New Zealand would like to acknowledge Pub Charity for their support of this moPub Charityst important initiative.