Autism Awareness Week 2018

What is Autism Awareness Week?

Autism New Zealand celebrates Autism Awareness Week which we believe shines a bright light on autism. Autism Awareness Week activities help to increase and develop world knowledge of autism and impart information regarding the importance of early diagnosis and early intervention.

Additionally, Autism Awareness Week celebrates the unique talents and skills of people with autism and is a week where individuals with autism are warmly welcomed and embraced in community events around the globe. By bringing together autism organisations all around the world, we will give a voice to the millions of individuals worldwide who are undiagnosed, misunderstood and looking for help.

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Who are you fundraising for?

Autism New Zealand

Autism New Zealand provides support, information and training to the 65,000 New Zealanders on the autism spectrum, and their families, teachers, employers and other community members. Essentially, empower people living with autism.

Our knowledgeable and professional staff works daily with children and adults with autism and their families. These staff members provide individualised support plans, and offer a range of skills and solutions.

Where do your fundraising dollars go?

Autism New Zealand relies on the generosity of the community to fund services like our 0800 help line, website, Outreach Coordinators, new member information, support groups and branch services.

Your fundraising will enable us to provide this vital support to people and their families affected by an Autism Spectrum Disorder. We aim to encourage people to create an autism friendly environment so that people with autism can be accepted in the community and provide them with the opportunity for them to have a better future.

Onesie Wednesday

We are encouraging you to host a Onesie Wednesday in awareness of autism.

It’s an opportunity for students and colleagues to get involved in raising awareness and celebrating standing out and being different by asking everyone to come into school/work in Onesies or their favourite PJs, and contributing a small amount to take part ($1 or $2).

People in onsies

Fundraising ideas

Whatever you do, keep it blue and green and take loads of pictures!

We love seeing how our supporters like to raise money and awareness!

You can get in touch by emailing us at or sharing your pictures and stories on our Facebook page (!

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Making it easy...

There are a few different ways you can send in your hard-earned cash!

Donation Form

Donations and/or payments by credit card

  • Autism New Zealand is able to process credit card payments of $20 or more on your behalf.
  • Please have the payee fill out the ‘donations to be receipted and payments to process’ form and ensure that all details are completed. Please make sure that the name of your school/organisation is put on the top.
  • Once your fundraiser is finished, please send all forms to Autism New Zealand for processing.

Tax deductible receipts for donations

  • Donations of $5 or more are tax deductible.
  • A tax receipt for donations will be mailed as per the details provided on the ‘individual donations to be receipted’ form.
  • Once your fundraiser is finished, please send all forms to Autism New Zealand for processing.

Use of Autism New Zealand name and/or logo

Any press release, merchandise or editorials mentioning Autism New Zealand and/or using Autism New Zealand’s logo must be approved by us before being released.


  • It is the responsibility of the organiser of the event to properly account for all income raised, expenses incurred as well as ensuring that all elements of the activity are run safely, ethically and lawfully.
  • Insurance requirements and any other licences e.g. local council approvals etc are the responsibility of the activity organiser.

For more information on being involved in Autism Awareness Day email