Autism Groups Agree Key Messages for Election Year

In April, to mark World Autism Awareness Day, 17 groups and organisations who work to support those living with Autism in New Zealand met in Wellington. From this productive discussion has come three key messages that we, as a community, believe are important in this election year and beyond:

‘A right to my own life, my own way’
•    Are my rights the same as yours?
•    Access to support is not there
•    Living my life may not be the same as you living yours and that‘s OK
•    Respect for diversity
•    ASD has a culture of it’s own that is diverse and unique
•    My needs cross all areas of life

‘A simple pathway’
•    Provision of service which is accessed simply
•    Single point of contact
•    Intervention, investment and inclusion
•    Support as required across life to enhance quality
•    Development of services a person can choose from

‘Support today equals success tomorrow’

•    Enough trial, assessment, review
•    We will work together to make it happen
•    Investing in ASD now will have payback for the community in economic and social terms
•    Being proactive means action
•    Let’s get on and do

We ask all of our members and those with an interest or link to autism to consider these messages and to communicate them to politicians and those around you. By following and articulating these key messages we can all help to make New Zealand a better place for those with ASD.