Autism New Zealand Conference 2014: Conference Ambassador Programme


On Friday 22 August, Autism New Zealand launched its very first Conference Ambassador Programme.

Piloting it for the first time, Autism New Zealand has appointed eleven people who have an association with Autism and the organisation to attend this year’s Autism New Zealand Conference in Nelson.

As part of being an Ambassador they will advocate learnings and experiences from the Conference back into both their local communities and through national networks.

Chief Executive Dane Dougan says “It’s great to have this initiative off the ground and get it underway. We anticipate this programme starting slowly and with success we hope we can make this a more permanent initiative”.

Eleven were selected by Autism NZ and are listed as follows:

Ray Powell - Nelson

Sharon Bond - Hamilton

Alison Newcombe – Palmerston North

Gwen Sadler - Nelson

Janet Mossop - Nelson

Wendy Duff - Auckland

Gabby Hogg – Hawkes Bay

Mike Griggs - Wellington

Jeff Hermes – Wellington

Robina Reid – Wellington

Michele Columbus – Nelson