Exercise based rehabilitation

Exercise based rehabilitation is scientifically proven to be a successful treatment modality for many health conditions including diabetes, chronic pain, musculoskeletal injuries (such as lower back pain), depression, anxiety, etc.  It is best used as part of a treatment plan which can include other health professionals such as psychologists and nutritionists.

Over the past couple of years Caitlin has developed a gym based exercise based rehabilitation program for youth and operates as a private service provider. As part of the program, a section has been developed specifically catering for youth with Autistic spectral disorder (ASD) (mild to moderate severity). This includes both Autism and Asperger’s syndrome. 

An additional program that has been developed also caters for youth with musculoskeletal injuries and sedentary diseases such as diabetes and obesity as well as those with dyspraxia and poor co-ordination and muscle tone.
The above mentioned programmes are focused on gym based rehabilitation and are run out of the YMCA - Pamunre lagoon leisure and fitness.

As with any service, it is important to ensure safety and benefit to the client. Below are some improvements that have been noted in the literature as well as observed over the course of the exercise program mentioned above.

•    Weight loss
•    Decreased risk of sedentary diseases
•    Increased social skills
•    Increased cognitive and academic functioning
•    Increased behavioural compliance (in all areas of life)
•    Decreased aggression
•    Decreased self stimulatory behaviors
•    Increased balance and co-ordination
•    Increased muscle tone
•    Resolved musculoskeletal injury and gait issues

If you would like to enquire further, please contact Caitlin Cobham using the details below:
Caitlin Cobham
Clinical Exercise Practitioner
BSc, PGDipSci (Exercise rehabilitation)
Email: RHBLT8@gmail.com
Phone: 09 5352791
Mobile: 021 1222 430