Feedback from FANZ Programme - Christchurch

The following is feedback from participants who have recently attended our FANZ programme in Christchurch.

"Lovely to have both Neil and Tanya’s stories and experiences. Tanya’s stories about her daughter are really funny and packed with love. Enjoyed Neil’s creative teaching methods."

"This course has really positively impacted my view on Autism."

"I thought the presenters were well organised, professional, great to listen to with lots of humour. It was good how they used video, personal stories, visuals, examples, group discussion to mix up the days and give variety."

"Fantastic delivery first and foremost. Informative and interesting. So appreciated personal stories and input from other parents. Educators clearly passionate about what they are doing."

"I like that Tanya and Neil have very different backgrounds and experiences to share with us. Covered a good range of areas and lots of useful tips."

"A well balanced programme."

"A great introduction to Autism. How do we get it into all schools? Really!!"

"Very interesting. I have a better understanding of what the guys I support have to live with every day. Feel a lot better able to help them with everyday needs."