Feedback from the FANZ Programme held in Invercargill May 2013

The following is feedback from the FANZ Programme that was held in Invercargill on the 8th & 9th May 2013.

Neil Stuart is an amazing teacher and so informative with the knowledge he shared.

What was covered has given me a great foundation as a professional.

I am learning how to adapt my own teaching.  Learning about the differences that make up each person.  Stopping and thinking about what I do.

Gives you much better understanding of a person with Autism and ways to work with them.

I worried about the programme being too ‘child-focused’, but this was unfounded.  Lots of ideas to use with adults.

The stories brought ‘the personal touch’.

I feel much more confident in working with children/families with Autism. Great also to hear from parents and their examples.