Information about FASS and the Funded Family Care Operational Policy

The following information was published by Funding Advisory Service & Support:

On October 1st the Ministry of Health’s Funded Family Care Operational Policy (FFC) came into effect. This means that those people who wish to pay a family member to provide their support can do so if they meet the Ministry of Health’s eligibility criteria.

People who wish to use this funding mechanism must contact their NASC in the first place for an assessment of their eligibility.

Funding Advisory & Support Services (FASS) has been set up to help make sure that people who have been approved by their NASC to use FFC, get the information they need about their employer responsibilities under FFC.

We recognise that some people may find this challenging, so we will provide advice and information to ensure they are aware of and understand their responsibilities. We will help them find cost-effective and practical ways to manage employer requirements, such as payroll management, employment agreements and IRD requirements. There is no charge for our services.

FASS is contracted by the Ministry of Health but is an independent, not-for-profit NGO.

The Team

Rob Creagh is the Service Manager for FASS. Rob has extensive experience in the disability sector, primarily through his involvement in the pilot, and subsequent national rollout, of Individualised Funding. His focus has been on the provision of straightforward advice and practical resources to those managing under often complex legislative and policy requirements.  

Marguerite Vanderkolk is the Senior Facilitator for FASS. Marguerite has worked in the disability sector for eight years in management and advocacy roles, which have included work as a facilitator.  She has also been self-employed as a training facilitator and as a coach for small businesses.

More information
More information about FASS can be found by going to, emailing or calling 0800 45 66 55.

Information on the FFC can be found on the Ministry of Health’s website at

If you have any questions please contact Rob or Marguerite on