New Trust Set Up to Provide Care and Support Once Parents Have Gone

The Personal Advocacy Trust was set up by a concerned group of parents who had children with intellectual disabilities. The parents were wanting someone to look out for their children when they were no longer around to advocate for them. The Trust was set up & operates nationwide as a charitable organization. Head office is in Wellington. Parents enroll their child so that when they die an advocate is appointed to their child who will visits them monthly for the rest of their lives to befriend & support them & to ensure all their health & support needs are met. The advocates are volunteers so once the one-off fee has been paid by the parents (which can be staggered, or left in their will) there are no ongoing costs for this service. Advocates are interviewed  & vetted by district advisors around the country-there are 4 in Auckland-who then continue to supervise them in their role as advocates. 

Contacts for information or enrollment:
Verity Doak, National Director   
Phone (04) 385 9175
website :