Sensory Needs Survey

Sensory JacketThe purpose of this survey is to gain insight into the demand for a new product called the 'Sensory Needs Jacket'.

The 'Sensory Needs Jacket' allows caregivers to soothe a stressed child any time, anywhere, even when physical contact is not possible.

By using calming deep pressure therapy, the Sensory Needs Jacket is designed to quickly soothe people who suffer from sensory difficulties such as Autism and ADHD with calming deep pressure therapy. It does this by simulating a human hug.

The jacket (which is designed to look like a fashionable clothing item) is controlled by a caregivers mobile device.

Using a built-in activity log the jacket allows caregivers and parents to keep track of a child's activity and their activity levels as well as indicating how they are responding to the 'hugs' they are receiving from the jacket.

The recommended retail price of the Sensory Needs Jacket would be approximately $500.

If you are interested in taking part in this survey please visit the following site:

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