Turnstyles - Product developed by Jeli Toys

Children are innately programmed to spin.

When children are spinning, receptors in the vestibule of the inner ear are stimulated and communicate a sense of where the body is in space. This vestibular system controls the sense of movement and balance. For children, these abilities are still developing, spinning helps them become more complete and connected.

Spinning also stimulates the Cerebellum which aids with memory development and enhances the emotional centres.

Spinning is excellent brain food, this type of movement is part of a healthy sensory diet.

With Turnstyles they also learn to control their movements. They discover that by leaning forwards it goes faster, backwards slows it down and shifting their weight helps change direction.

Once they have mastered this, in one position, they change to a different one and learn this control all over again, hence the name "Turnstyles" from Jeli Toys.

Dimensions: 51L x 51w x 27h cm
Age: 2-3yrs,3-4yrs,5+yrs

Adult sizes are also available.

To view the product on You Tube please click on the following link: http://www.thewoodentoybox.co.nz/blog/develop-balance-through-spinning-with-the-turntable/

If you are interested in this product it is available for purchase through www.thewoodentoybox.co.nz