Slingshot is 'Raising the Flag' for Autism NZ

Slingshot is 'Raising the Flag' for Autism NZ

Slingshot will donate 3% of your monthly bill to Autism NZ. Simply by having your home phone, internet or mobile services with Slingshot you can raise funds for Autism NZ. When you join Slingshot you can link your account to Autism NZ and Slingshot will donate a portion of your monthly bill to us. It won’t cost you anything, in fact, you’ll probably save money with Slingshot as they have very competitive pricing for all these services, plus, if you’re on dial-up you can get it for FREE with Slingshot.

Slingshot has always been the best option for home line and internet services and just recently they’ve made themselves the best option for mobile too – how does 25c per minute sound? Don’t get caught paying ridiculous prices for your mobile calls any longer – get onto Slingshot and support Autism NZ in the process!

To join Slingshot internet, homeline or mobile simply visit or phone 0800 89 2000 and make sure you let them know that you want to link your account to Autism NZ. They will make changing over easy.

Remember to tell your friends about this offer as the more people who use Slingshot for mobile, home line and internet services, the more they will donate to Autism NZ!

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