(Anne) Zhuoni Cai , Prof. Christine Rubie-Davies and Dr. Louise Keown

(Annie) Zhuoni Cai, a doctoral candidate at School Learning, Development and Professional Practice, the University of Auckland, is currently working on the research entitled “Teacher Expectations for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders”.  It is an original study in New Zealand focused on exploring teacher expectations for children with autism and its relevant influential factors including, for example, teacher beliefs about autism teaching.  Previously was a lecturer in Chengdu University, China for nearly 8 years.  She has conducted a number of research related to teaching children with special needs, especially children with ASD.


Professor Christine Rubie-Davies, Professor of School Learning, Development and Professional Practice at the University of Auckland, has conducted several research programs relating to teacher expectations and has published a number of papers and books. Her primary research area is in teacher expectations. She was a primary school teacher for around 20 years, before moving into a university environment.


Doctor Louise Keown is senior lecturer of School Learning, Development and Professional Practice at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. She is a developmental psychologist and conducts research on parenting and children’s behavioural development, particularly the family relationships and development of children at risk for ADHD. She recently completed a longitudinal study of parenting and boys' behavioural development from early to middle childhood. The work provided new information on the influence of fathers on behavioural development. Louise is also Deputy Director of the Parenting Research Group who carry out family intervention research aimed at preventing behavioural and emotional problems in children.