Other Services/Useful Information

Altogether Autism – Information Service
Ph: 0800 273463
Email nelson@altogetherautism.org.nz

Website www.altogetherautism.org.nz

Ahorangi Consultant & Services
Aorangi Consultants provide hands on help and best practice advice in teaching and care of people with ASD. Tim Powell P O Box 635, Nelson
Ph: 021 544 550
Website: www.ahorangi.com

ASD Plus Education for families (available in south Island)
This is a free programme for pre school age children diagnosed with ASD delivered by Idea Services. For further information see www.ihc.org.nz
Ph: 0800 273 7587 Email: asdplus-education@idea.org.nz

ASD Communication and Behaviour Service
This service helps children and young people age 0 to 19 years with autism to learn new skills in areas of play, social skills, daily living skills and communication.
Service is provided by Idea services.

For more information please email asd-communication@idea.org.nz or phone 0800 273 7587
A referral from Support works or ASD Coordinator (NMDHB Child Development Services or a paediatrician will be required.

Behaviour Support Services
Specialist behavior support services for children and adults with a disability and who have challenging behaviour.
This service is provided by Explore (A division of HealthCare of NZ)
355 Lower Queen Street, Richmond 7020.  
Telephone (03) 547 0585, 0800 000 421.
For more information please see www.explore.org.nz
A referral from Support Works will be required.

Assessment , Therapy and Training Service
A service offering a variety of Assessment, Behaviour, Communication ,Therapy and Training. Contact Tactics (part of Tautoko Support Services) Telephone 04 233 0164
Email regional@tautuko.org.nz Website www.tautoko.org.nz

This is a private user pays service.

Cloud 9 Children’s Foundation - Asperger Syndrome
Website www.withyoueverystepoftheway.com

Citizens Advice Bureau
Free advice


9 Paru Paru Road Nelson 7010
Ph: (03) 548 2117 Email cab.nelson@xtra.co.nz Website www.cab.org.nz

Marlborough Community Centre 25 Alfred Street Blenheim 7201
Ph: (03) 578 4272 Email cab.marlborough@xtra.co.nz Website www.cab.org.nz

Dyspraxia Support Group Nelson
For further information Ph: (03) 359 7072 Email dyspraxia.centre.org.nz
Website www.dyspraxia.org.nz

Fragile X
Learn more and find support.
Contact phone Toll free 0508 938 0552 Website www.fragilex.org.nz

Dyslexia & Other Learning Difficulties
Website www.dyslexiafoundation.org.nz for information
Website www.davisdyslexia.co.nz for information
Website www.davisautism.com for information 
Speld New Zealand - see www.speld.org.nz for local contact.

Nelson Area:

Konstanca Friedrich Palzer of Dyslexia Correction Tasman Bay, Marahau, RD2 Motueka.
Ph: (03) 527 8060

Website www.DyslexiaCorrectionTasmanBay.co.nz

Jocelyn Print, Davis Facilitator, Kaikoura. 
Ph: (03) 319 6711
Email print@ihug.co.nz

9 Gee Street, Renwick, Blenheim.
Ph: (03) 578 3508

Joya Centre
Offers Listening Training by certified Tomatis Consultant & Psychotherapist Paulina Aarts.
49 Brougham Street, Nelson
Ph: (03) 539 1360

Website www.joyacentre.co.nz Email joyacentre@xtra.co.nz

Offers private health care services including dietician, occupational therapist, play therapist, psychologist, social worker, speech language therapy, teachers and coaches.
Ph: (03) 547 4999 Email maryanne@pelim.co.nz

Speech Language Therapy (private)
SoundsnWords Speech Language Therapy Tasman/Marlborough.
Contact Susan Aitken, Speech Language Therapist, Tel 027 902 7033
Email soundsnwords.slt@gmail.com     www.soundsnwords.co.nz