Hints and tips

  • Gathered from the experiences of those who have been collecting: Start knocking on doors and asking neighbours. If you are very friendly with them ask them to ask their family members and work colleagues.
  • Build up a network of people who will ask their friends and family FOR you. The phones fly in that way!
  • Make up a little note to drop into the letterboxes of people you don't know and tell them you will come back two days later. This is what I wrote in my note for letterbox drops:

    "Dear House Owner, 

    My son attends a preschool/school for children with autism in xxxx,   the school is currently recycling old mobile phones through Autism NZ to receive an iPad to use as a teaching tool with the children in the school. They need xxx phones to achieve this. If you had any unwanted or damaged mobile phones, and are willing to help the school with their collection, it would be greatly appreciated.  I will call in two days to collect the envelope. Thanks in advance!" 

  • Ask shops to put boxes out for you and collect them from the shop every week. Also ask your local post office; they are good for stuff like this.
  • Get onto your local support groups and ask them to help you out.
  • If you have a community newsletter see about getting an ad in there and a box into your community centre.
  • One collector asked a local radio presenter to announce it. She got 23 phones from people listening to the show. So email your local radio station and ask. The worst they can do is say no and maybe the staff in the station will have a whip around for phones.
  • If any of you have friends/husbands/wives/family members working in companies ask them to get onto the IT dept and see if any of the old staff phones: Most companies give staff on the road (or management) mobile phones.
  • Phones from abroad are accepted so get onto friends and family and ask them to collect and post it over to you. Just tell them to remove the batteries prior to shipping and tape and pack the batteries separately from the phones but in the same box or parcel.
  • Hold a coffee morning for your neighbours/friends/family/work colleagues and ask that ‘payment' be a mobile phone, and that there will be a prize for the person who brings the most phones!! (Buy a nice box of chocolates or a candle – always a great gift!!)
  • If you are a member of a parenting blog sites, etc., post up details and ask for help there.
  • If you are a member of ANY club or if your children are a member of any sporting clubs/after school classes, ask the instructor in the group if he/she can ask the children to bring a phone. Arrange for the children to bring in any unwanted phones the following class. Children will badger their parents for a phone to bring back, and they will!
  • If your school is not taking part in the initiative, then ask them to help YOU.
  • If you are feeling particularly inspired then try something like this, or adapt it to suit your own interests/contacts. Why not post an ad on Facebook and raise awareness and support for your mobile phone collection in New Zealand.
  • Get a group of parents and have a ‘cake sale for mobile phones’ where people can get homemade goodies in exchange for old mobile phones!
  • Another idea is to organize a raffle. Make up a basket or hamper of goodies. Each mobile phone donated gets you one entry. When you have enough entries, make the draw.

We hope some of these hints and tips help you achieve the gift you are after through our mobile phone recycling appeal. We wish you all the best in your collection.

If you have any good ideas that have been successful please do not hesitate to share them with our team at Swapkit. Please email kateb@swapkit.co.nz.