Autism New Zealand Training Programmes and Education

Autism New Zealand Inc. provides training programmes for a variety of participants, all with a view to providing support, resources and information on autism spectrum disorders to those individuals with ASD, their family/whānau, caregivers and any professionals working with or coming into contact with them.

The programmes may be one/two day seminars or workshops, early intervention programmes and individual/family consultations. We are also happy to provide trainers to come into your school, kindergarten, workplace, organisation etc. and tailor a programme around your needs. Please feel free to ask for quotations.

We also organise a national conference every two years in order to attract a wide range of experts in the field of autism spectrum disorders to speak to audiences, and invite international experts and professionals to speak around the country at regular intervals.

For details of programmes and seminars currently scheduled please see below.

Who should attend our Programmes and Seminars:

  • Parents and Caregivers
  • Wider Family/Whānau of those on the Autism Spectrum
  • Individuals with ASD
  • professionals such as:
    • teachers
    • teacher aides
    • people working in supported employment
    • support people in educational institutions
    • speech language and occupational therapists
    • psychologists
    • medical practitioners
    • paediatricians and psychiatrists etc
    • SENCOs, School Principals, RTLBs
    • GSE staff
    • Supported Employment Professionals
    • And anyone else who works with or comes into contact with individuals on the Autism Spectrum

Education & Training Information:

What people have said about our Programmes:

I love the passion Neil and Tanya have for helping children with Autism live a happy life. A great seminar to learn how to play with my son and understand the approach that fits him best.


12/10. Fascinating! Exceptionally well presented. Great practical examples, demonstrations and videos. Your enthusiasm is inspiring.

OT Christchurch

Thank you for the humour! Lots of strategies and ideas to implement.


The whole day was excellent. I wish it was compulsory for all to attend.


It has given me a lot of ideas of play with and without toys, even being able to sit down and chill.


This programme was fantastic; it gave me fresh ideas and strategies. Your personal experience made the goals easier to work towards.


Eye opener. Awesome workshop and lovely meeting others.