How Autism New Zealand works

Our membership numbers over 24,000 active members and is growing rapidly. We collaborate with numerous agencies, such as the Ministry of Education, Needs Assessment Services (NASC’s), district health boards, schools, and private institutions to help individuals access appropriate services.

Autism New Zealand is governed by a board. At present this comprises five elected members, who hold office for three years, and two members who are appointed for one year and are then reappointed on a yearly basis. We also have a patron, who holds a figurehead role in the organisation and provides input when necessary. The board meets eight times a year and is purely focused on issues of governance.

For operational matters, Autism New Zealand's National Office has a staff, with our branches and education arm delivering our services.

Autism New Zealand receives some funding through contracts from Government Departments for specific programmes, as well as relying heavily on donations from sources in the community. These sources are primarily Charitable Trusts and a range of community grants; however, we also fund many of our activities and programmes through the generosity of individuals. We are extremely grateful for this continued support.

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